Monitoring VHF and UHF conditions with a WebSDR

SDR is here to stay and one of the most useful service around the topic the WebSDR system by PA3FWM.

WebSDR is a linux application which hooks to a soundcard for I/Q input (softrocks etc.), or to a FuncubeDongle or a RTL-SDR (a DVB-T TV reception USB dongle) and provides the RF spectrum received by any of the receives, to a web window as a waterfall display, spectrum analyzer display etc.

Monitoring 70cm beacon sub-band 432.402-432.498 with my WebSDR system. OH2UHF beacon (and it's I/Q mirror) well visible!
My experimental (but more stable already) WebSDR is located with the VHF/IHF remote station, and I must admit I like to check the conditions using this first rather than firing up the remote system! Currently I have two FuncubeDongles as receivers, they provide a coverage of 96 kHz which suits for the beacon sub-bands perfectly, being both 100 kHz wide.

The setup uses Big Wheel antennas which I have on the roof for 144 and 432 MHz. 1296 MHz will be added shortly, I'll plan to use three stacked big wheels and probably a preamplifier for that band.

You can all access the OH2LAK WebSDR from this link