Updates to the remote stations

While it was good to have lots of radios at the remote site, I found the Icom IC-R7100 receiver doing nothing there as I've been generally too busy to do anything :)

Originally plan was to use the Icom IC-706MK2G as the main remote transceiver due to its superb remote touch-n-feel as the complete control head was at the remote site, just as it would control a local radio. Radio performance was not that fabulous and as I had my TS-2000X doing nothing, I decided to swap that radio to the remote site for VHF/UHF operations. In addition I got 23cm QRV too as I haven't been able to get the transverter up there either..

The current remote setup features the Kenwood TS-2000X as the main transceiver for 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm. (Yes, I added a 6m 3-el yagi there too!)

In addition there is the Icom PC-R1000 receiver and a Funcubedongle SDR. Down below is a Icom ID-1 1.2GHz D-STAR transceiver for 1.2GHz data transfer tests.

The PC to drive the whole setup seems to be bit too slow (and I'm running out of USB ports) so I'm in progress of upgrading the PC. Looks like I really don't need other than Windows to control all I need so I most probably will drop the original idea to run a VMWare ESXi virtual platform and on top of it both Windows and Linux virtually.

Operating the TS-2000X differs a bit from what I've been used to with the Kenwood TS-480 HF/6m remote and the Icom IC-706 as both radios have a full-size control head which can be used remotely. The Kenwood TS-2000X features only a mobile control head, which might be perfect for operating the radio mobile, but at home as the *main* control head it is bit too less. The mobile control head is the same as the APRS mobile radio TM-D700 so the touch-n-feel of a Big Rig is not there. The VFO wheel has clicks on it and its not bigger than the RIT knob on the real radio control head. I've been mostly operating the radio using the Microbit RRCMicro PC-client and Ham Radio Deluxe as the control end. It works, there's no touch-n-feel but I've got used to it and it is much less to carry along when travelling. Just a headset (which I need with my work stuff anyway) and the RRCmicro dongle which attachs to the USB port.

Here is the two remote setups running from the annual summer meeting for the Finnish Radio Amateur League SRAL. Remote operations was demonstrated but few real QSO's were made too :)
On left the Kenwood TS-480 HF/6m remote setup and on right the Kenwood TS-2000X remote with the mobile control head. Can you spot the VFO wheel? :)