Digital Ham Radio in Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2012

Digital ham radio was the theme for this year's Ham Radio fair in Friedrichshafen and I must say our activity group(s) fit to that picture very well. We have been operating digital modes as the pioneers in Finland. We operate D-STAR, P25 (APCO25), DMR, TETRA and few other non-voice digital modes like POCSAG :)

For the first time Ham Radio Friedrichshafen was equipped with both P25 and DMR repeaters and a frequency for TETRA operations on 70cm band was reserved!
Homemade 70cm D-STAR repeater Motorola Quantar 70cm P25 repeater Icom 70cm D-STAR repeater & controller

There were substantially large crowd of people operating either D-STAR, P25 and/or DMR in the event, not that many fleamarket vendors selling that stuff unfortunately!

Jochen DL1YBL hosted a DMR meeting where the current situation of DMR in the ham radio world was updated and I had a small presentation of what we do. Presentation is available here for download.

(c) Janne Pulkkila OH2HWH
Happy Digital guys; Niko OH2GEK & Erik OH2LAK
The OHTRBO Group was represented in Friedrichshafen by Niko OH2GEK, Janne OH2HWH, Hessu OH7LZB and Erik OH2LAK. Rich N1OZ and Darren G7LWT were hanging around with us too, both operating DMR.

Rich N1OZ and Darren G7LWT Mr. LAM Communications,
Michael DB5KN and Hessu OH7LZB
Happy Darren G7LWT with MotoTRBO