Enroute to Dayton Hamvention!

We are on our way to Dayton Hamvention with Hessu OH7LZB, writing this offline passing Greenland below us currently. Travelling there will use the well-tested scheme, so first fly to Dallas and then make a roadtrip to Dayton.. We actually fly via Chicago which is quite near to Dayton but going from there directly would make us miss a lot as the roadtrip is actually very fun, it's not just a thousand miles of road. I'm also eagerly waiting to see Rich and Cindy who kindly hosts us at their house in Dallas for few nights prior and after the roadtrip. It's been eight years from the last trip so we have a lot to catch up :)

We met my friend Yevgeny UA3AMH at Helsinki airport and found out he is on his way to Dayton too by the same flight as we are. Yevgeny goes to Dayton to promote his business Radiall antennas and duplexers.

I'm equipped with digital gear, both D-STAR and P25 and hope to see what are the latest inventions in the digital business. It was Hamvention which got me into P25 last time so it might be so again that this time some new technology will bite me, MotoTRBO maybe :)

We are most propably trackable during the roadtrip as OH7LZB-9 at http://aprs.fi/oh7lzb-9
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