23cm D-STAR DV/DD repeater re-building moves on

I did some hard work with the 23cm DV/DD radio units yesterday at Kauniainen Radio Club where I participated the weekly NAC contest by yelling comments to the radio shack from the workshop :)

All three radio modules have now decent antenna connectors (SMA) and the previously loosely wired service (USB) interface and the control interface are now wired to a neat D9 connector. The DD transceiver unit had both TX and RX control lines wired out so I needed to go for a D15 connector. I actually thought using a D15 also for the DV transmitter and receiver units, it would give free pins to wire RSSI, PTT, discriminator output etc. to use the modules for analog FM also. I might do that if I just find information about the required lines!

I was really surprised about the lossy and very low quality coaxial cable which was used in the original setup. The cable was not long but the connection to the chassis N-connector was quite HF-style I must admit. Now there's a SMA connector directly on the chassis which I consired well usable. Below is a close-up photo of the antenna connector revealing the details of  such.

New SMA antenna connector replacing the coax pigtail
Project still goes on, next step is to start making new cables between the radio modules and the integrated controller.