It's been quiet here. I haven't died or vanished :) I've just had too much to do and not had any interresting to write about. That might be false and I'm just lazy as lots of things have happened since may when I last reported our trip to the Nordic VHF-meeting in Denmark. The trip went well, as usual I took a lot of pictures;

Over the summer there was also the BIG event in Friedrichshafen, where from I planned to write something also but failed on that too. Sorry, as I had a great time and propably would have had something interresting to tell about the latest findings in the amateur world.

However, I took a lot ot pictures there also :)

The finnish annual meeting was held in June. It was very hot and we had a great meeting. I was not able to attend the meeting fully, but I visited few times. First time was to build up the temporary repeaters for the meeting and second time was to give a speech about them :) Setup being temporary is quite massive, as you can see!

Here's the setup:
2m / 70cm / 23cm FM repeaters controlled by TheLinkBox linux repeater controller. All repeaters were linked to the national IP radio network R.Net. That time, R.Net had the following coverage with 7 linked repeaters. Currently there's even few more active repeaters in the west coast, and more is coming

Later in the autumn, I visited the RSGB National Hamfest near Lincoln. It was truly an interresting trip. I flew to Manchester, rented a car and drove about 150 km to Lincoln in the nighttime to get to my guesthouse. First time ever in a car with right-side steering!

So there I was. At the wrong side of the car, at the wrong side of the road, and it was dark. I managed to reach my destination, an excellent Bed-And-Breakfast house only ten minutes drive from the showground. I highly recommend The Gables Guesthouse if you happen to be around. Excellent and kind owners ready to help with even strange questions (You wouldn't have a spare UK mains plug? :) ), nice rooms and very good breakfast.

And of course, some pictures from the trip;