Operating ham radio remotely

One of my long-time interrests has been remote controlling ham radio equipment remotely, and I've been doing a lot of research on that side while helping Martti OH2BH with hes project of operating the contest station in Pusula from home in Espoo. The project has lasted over ten years and several different approaches to remote control has been crawled through.

Few years back, reading the swedish QTC magazine I found an article (or an advertisement) about new innovation, self-contained devices to be placed to control location and the remote radio location, which then would stretch the audio paths, PTT/CW signalling and control head data over IP network. I immediately ordered a pair of these RemoteRig boxes to play with. When they arrived, I was very convinced that they were the ultimate solution for Martti's remote.

CCF / OHDXF had a cruise meeting in January 2011, where I held a presentation about Martti's remote project. RemoteRig devices were there and Mike SM20, the author for the Remoterig devices held also a presentation about the technology and innovation of the RemoteRig devices. RemoteRig devices were demonstrated controlling a remote Yaesu FT-DX5000 at Arcala OH8X superstation with a local Yaesu FT-DX5000. Ultimate innovation by RemoteRig is that two Yaesu radio's can be remoted so that the control radio actually controls the remote radio by every knob and button, and remote S-meter and frequency/function display is showed in the local radio's display. Very cool!

Yours trulu here giving the speech about Martti's remote station. The presentation is downloadable here. Below is a short video from the meeting, Martti operating OH8X remotely (docked to Stockholm harbour)