D-STAR update: Our 2m repeater OH2RCH C gets new firmware

I'm not sure is this news of any kind as it does not provide new functionalities to the repeater, it is just inline to keep up with Satoshi's code version. The repeater had been running v5.48L code for some time now, and I had upgraded all my other v5 chips to v6 as Satoshi provided a free upgrade for them, and decided to upgrade the repeater firmware as well when David G4ULF confirmed that hes code works OK with Satoshi v6 too.

The picture shows the Satoshi Node Adapter board and the actual repeater radio, Nokia BC58 without the 50W PA board.
I had to lift up the Satoshi board for minor fixes needed by the v6 code. The board is a very early version of the Node Adapter PCB, also featuring several modifications to run the v5 code too.The repeater runs surprisingly good from its site, running only 20 W power out. 

OH2RCH C is the first full D-STAR compliant repeater in Finland. The transceiver is a modified Nokia BC58 repeater radio, interfaced to a Satoshi Node Adapter board.

The D-STAR repeater controller and gateway functions are provided by linux sofware written by David Lake G4ULF. David has done great job enabling these non-Icom repeaters with all D-STAR features available. The repeater is registered to the real D-STAR G2 network via the K5TIT trust. OH2RCH C features full G2 routing capabilities, DPLUS functionalities and DStarMonitor is running for location advertizing.

Currently the software supports only single radio port per site but now as the Satoshi firmware supports updating the USB product code, identifying multiple radio ports by USB product code is possible. David told however that support for multiple ports is not propably introduced yet in the near future