200 W paging transmitter usability increased with Arduino..

Hessu OH7LZB, a key player in the POCSAG project, has done again wonderful work to get the 200 W paging transmitters running. (We set the transmitters aside from the dismantling of the commercial paging network)

The paging transmitters have a controller card which we are not currently using due to lack of documentation how to interface to it. Arduino comes to rescue, and acts like a interface between the paging network client and the transmitter. See the video below!

The Arduino board sits on a interface PCB which is pressed to the controller board connector on the transmitter.

We are planning to replace the test transmitter at Haukilahti water tank with the 200 W Tecnomen Hi-Q transmitter with the Arduino interface. The following chart resembles the coverage area with the current 20 W transmitter (dark green) and the new 200 W transmitter (light green).


Samantha said…

Would be interested in the arduino schematic and code so I could do something similar here in cairns (australia)

Andre Egington said…
Hi there is there a chance you would share information about such a private system