First POCSAG pages sent and received OK!

The test setup for POCSAG paging on 144.975 MHz is working and the first messages have been sent and received successfully! This Proof Of Concept-setup will be on display in few weeks at the RATS technics-meeting held in Espoo. We will try to automate something to be sent to the few test pagers we have.

Next thing to do is to design the infrastructure for the paging network and investigate how to use the real paging transmitters left behind from the commercial network in this system. We can, of course, use the transmitters as just transmitters and create the modulation using the AVR POCSAG encoder, but it would be interresting to be able to use the internal modulator and POCSAG encoder of the transmitters. I'll keep this issue posted too.

The YouTube video above shows the first tests with the encoder and few test pagers, and my image gallery has some more pictures of the project

So what if paging is so last decade. This is fun!


Anonymous said…
Plizz schemm??????