Welcome, the few readers :)

Decided to start a blog, though I do not generally like them as I do not want to just write what I have been doing or share my emotions about global or local issues, as I do not feel my opinion is that important that it should be readable worldwide...

This blog should and shall be about the technical journey through amateur radio technology and my personal passion for digital communications, remote operations and other interresting 'ham radio stuff'. I hope that I can publish my first technical blog article soon, I have lots of projects in pockets getting ready.. D-STAR, P25, POCSAG on 2m, remote ops of HF and VHF/UHF radios, and maybe even little microcontroller stuff, which I do not understand a single bit (hah!) yet..

Few ham radio related trips coming up during the spring and summer, more about them later.

73 & R2D2 to you all.